Tuesday, May 14, 2013

LOL... Wordpress Ninja, why are you blogging on blogger?

So yes- I love Wordpress.org for MANY reasons, too many to list. However, I believe in the power of Google- and Blogger is a Google product. So my blogger blog is a heavy nod to the SEO powers of the internet god: Google. I blog here because it is quick and easy, and I don't require plugins or a shopping cart for my personal rants. I have other ways, such as an embedded Etsy widget, and a page of my Artfire listings...I am skilled at html, so I can add stuff to the sidebars on the fly...

When I design a professional website for a client or service, I always use Wordpress. It gives me a level of control and functionality that blogger can't match (at least, not for me, since I have invested almost 0% of my time learning the blogger ins and outs.) I'm just here to write, post photos, and have a place to put my thoughts...so blogger is enough.

But if you are looking for an awesome platform where you can control absolutely every aspect of your online presence experience, a self-hosted Wordpress website (doesn't even really have to be a blog...) is where it's at.

Some of my clients and projects, all running on self-hosted Wordpress:

www.TotesAdorbz.com (not a blog!)
www.iloveyoupink.com (a work in progress)

And of course, our business websites:


and, my very first blog, long since abandoned....but shhhhhhh- it was on Wordpress.com! A great place to start out, but if you begin your love affair with wordpress there, you will eventually graduate to self-hosted.


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