Tuesday, October 25, 2011

VistaPrint to the rescue again!

Well, I realize it's been a while since I ordered business cards. Also, I recently moved so I need to update some things. I'm out of business cards with my good phone number, and my address labels are now defunct :( So, having told a colleague that I do, in fact, have business cards, I realized I better actually get some!
VistaPrint.com has great deals. I know, as a graphic artist I could make my own cards...but while browsing their free designs I couldn't resist. They had the perfect one with nice earthy colors and a pair of scissors cutting a cool photoshop-scroll looking design. So that was the one for me, and I artfully arranged their standard form areas. They want you to put your address, number, etc. But I used all the spots available to put my name, title, three blogs I work on (this one and my two business blogs) and included the fact that I'm a photoshop expert, multi-media artist, and videographer. You never know who you are going to meet out there- so I put the things I am best and and would be talking with people about. And I made the executive decision to leave my phone number off of it this time. If I want to give out my number, I can write it on the card- but I'm assuming that my email and website address should be enough for the casual admirer or conversation. And I threw an order of return address labels on for fun, because the Holiday shopping season is upon us, Etsy orders are picking up, and I like my packages to look nice!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Starving Artist? We need to thrive instead

I love Angi, and just wanted to share what she has to say about this topic. In recent months, through therapy and reading, I've uncovered the negativity in my soul- in America, we are raised with horrible social norms including the idea that taking care of ourselves is a selfish act. That not finishing the food on our plate is somehow causing children to starve to death in China, that we must take care of others at the expense of ourselves, that sacrificing our desires is actually a desirable character trait. We then buy into the idea that to want- to really want, is to take from someone else. What a crock of .....
Anyway, enjoy.