Tuesday, October 25, 2011

VistaPrint to the rescue again!

Well, I realize it's been a while since I ordered business cards. Also, I recently moved so I need to update some things. I'm out of business cards with my good phone number, and my address labels are now defunct :( So, having told a colleague that I do, in fact, have business cards, I realized I better actually get some!
VistaPrint.com has great deals. I know, as a graphic artist I could make my own cards...but while browsing their free designs I couldn't resist. They had the perfect one with nice earthy colors and a pair of scissors cutting a cool photoshop-scroll looking design. So that was the one for me, and I artfully arranged their standard form areas. They want you to put your address, number, etc. But I used all the spots available to put my name, title, three blogs I work on (this one and my two business blogs) and included the fact that I'm a photoshop expert, multi-media artist, and videographer. You never know who you are going to meet out there- so I put the things I am best and and would be talking with people about. And I made the executive decision to leave my phone number off of it this time. If I want to give out my number, I can write it on the card- but I'm assuming that my email and website address should be enough for the casual admirer or conversation. And I threw an order of return address labels on for fun, because the Holiday shopping season is upon us, Etsy orders are picking up, and I like my packages to look nice!

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