Monday, February 11, 2013

Creative Every Day

Creative every moment is more like it! Sometimes I go into a trance. Some people call it "flow," when you become absorbed into thought and creative problem solving in such a way that you space out for a minute or three and when you come up for air, you've got a new idea. I've been following this site for years now, called Creative Every Day, and you can go check out other's like me on this post- where we are all linked up together, feeding off the creative energy of like-minds.

What will YOU do this year to support your creative efforts? To me, it's not "making art" that is a creative activity. It's coming up with interesting solutions to life's every-day issues. For example, right now my art is taking over my living room. We can't have anyone over, and I can't do what I really want- which is to have several projects going on at once, filming stuff out and ready, etc. So I'm about to rent a small climate-controlled storage room over at Public Storage- you know, the big orange-doored building. I'll be busy inside, listening to Spotify with my daylight lamps on... and we will be able to enjoy our living room and have a couple people over for drinks.

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