Saturday, September 4, 2010 Etsy the answer?

For the past week, I've been checking my google analytics to see when people view my shop, which is mostly between the hours of 5-8 pm EST, and I've been attempting to either list a new item, relist a sale or relist expired items at least once a day during that time. To keep my items in the first few pages of their categories, as is said to be key by experienced and successful sellers. It hasn't been working. Not sure what is going on, but I haven't had good views since mid-August when I listed a particular necklace. I'm thinking that necklace was popular but people didn't want to spend $28 for it. Hmmmm. I am trying very hard right now to balance my online prices with what I can live with wholesale, and what people are willing to pay! It's difficult. I sat down last week and made 28 new pairs of birdie beads in different colors so I can get those into the shop in time for holiday shopping, plus I am going to several art/craft shows this fall- a new thing for me. So I need to get in the habit of creating inventory, a concept I am unfamiliar with.

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