Sunday, November 22, 2009

More about me...that wouldn't fit on my profile!

I am an animal lover, and surround myself with 3 furry friends in the shape of cats. I have also called myself friend to an Akita, beloved Kasha, who now waits at the Bridge.  

I share my life with my partner and husband of 12 years, who has joined me on my many moves and adventures.  

My landscape is painted pink and orange over blue ocean waters every morning...and purple and fuschia over intracoastal waters every evening. During the rainy season, there is a rainbow almost every night. I have many photos of these gifts and sometimes post them for everyone to see.  

I have the urge to create with my heart and hands, almost constantly. It's a gift and a curse. Combined with my Gemini spirit, I almost always have a new idea, and almost never have time (or tenacity) to complete all of them. I feel disturbed if I am just sitting still, like there are so many things to be done. Down time? What's that? So, I often exhaust myself. Or get down on myself for relaxing when I should be doing...feels too much like laziness. I'm trying everyday to find the balance.

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